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Billboard and TikTok Team Up for New Music Chart

TikTok Takes Over Music Discovery

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know TikTok has blown up over the last few years. The addictive short video app lets people create and share 15 to 60 second clips set to music. What started as teens goofing around has evolved into a massive platform for music discovery.

Hit songs now spread like wildfire thanks to viral TikTok dances, memes, and challenges. Artists intentionally aim for TikTok success because it can launch tracks into the stratosphere. Remember Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road”? That song skyrocketed after TikTok fame.

TikTok has become essential for breaking new artists and songs. The app even has its own music charts based on what’s trending. But TikTok hasn’t been embraced yet by the old school music biz. Well, that’s about to change with a game-changing new partnership…

Introducing the TikTok Top 50

Yep, you read that right – Billboard and TikTok are teaming up! Billboard has tracked popular music charts for ages now. But they recognize TikTok’s growing influence, so they’re launching the “TikTok Top 50” chart in 2023. It will rank the 50 top songs trending on TikTok each week.

Screenshot from TikTok_Billboard

Billboard will pull data straight from TikTok on track popularity, engagement, and growth. This marks Billboard’s first real collaboration with a social/video platform, which shows their acceptance of TikTok’s music dominance. It’s a smart move – embrace the new kid on the block before it fully takes over.

Why This Chart Matters

The TikTok Top 50 matters because it validates TikTok as a music discovery heavy-hitter. No longer is it just a goofy video app for teens. TikTok has proven its ability to make or break song success. This chart recognizes that influence and brings TikTok hits into the mainstream music industry.

Up-and-coming artists will benefit the most, giving them a reputable chart to point to as proof of their budding popularity. But it also helps Billboard stay relevant with younger generations who live on TikTok. Overall, it’s an acknowledgement that TikTok can’t be ignored anymore when tracking music trends.

Impact on the Industry

This link-up opens the floodgates for further embracing TikTok in the music world. We’ll likely see more collaborations between TikTok and music entities like labels, promoters, and awards shows. Other streaming platforms may create their own TikTok charts too. Artists and fans will start putting more stock in TikTok metrics like plays and shares. The TikTok Top 50 puts the app on the same playing field as stalwarts like Billboard.

What’s Next?

The new chart launches in early 2023, so get those FYP songs ready! I’m excited to see how much it reflects broader music trends versus niche TikTok hits. Will unknown TikTok creators dominate? Or will big name artists rule by leveraging TikTok virality? My bet is we’ll see a mix of both – which is why this chart will be so interesting. The music industry is officially entering the TikTok era. Get used to it!

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