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Google Ads Editor Version 2.3 is Released with 12 New Features

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The new features can save time for advertisers, lead to more informed choices, and enhance Google AdWords campaign effectiveness.

With the recently launched version 2.3 of Google’s Ads Editor, advertisers can benefit from a number of new features and improvements. Find out what’s new.

Table of Content

  1. File Support For Image Assets
  2. Card View For Image Assets
  3. Asset Support
  4. Primary Display Status Buttons
  5. Primary Display Status Support
  6. Performance Max Text Asset Automation
  7. Add Google Video Partner’s Recommendation
  8. Bid Explorer
  9. Location Targeting
  10. Discovery Ads and Campaigns with Product Feeds Support
  11. Proper Pluralization in Messages
  12. Notifications

Added Features

File Support For Image Assets

In addition to using URLs, advertisers may now easily import and export image assets as files.

Card View For Image Assets

In addition to the table view, cards may now be used to view picture assets.

Asset Support

Upgraded assets such picture assets, automatically generated assets, location assets, and business information assets now have full support. The deprecation of legacy data occurs when assets are upgraded.

Primary Display Status Buttons

There are now clickable buttons for specific Primary Display Status (PDS) causes. For instance, you can click on the potential cause of a campaign not working and be taken to a page where the problem might be resolved. Whereas the PDS button labelled “Limited by bidding goal” opens the edit panel on the bid strategy field, the “Limited by budget” PDS button opens the edit panel on the budget text field.

Primary Display Status Support

More PDS reasons are also available, including:

  • Limited by bidding target
  • Limited by budget soon

Performance Max Text Asset Automation

You may now choose whether to automate text assets for Performance Max campaigns. This, along with Final URL expansion, may be found in the edit panel under “Automatically created assets.”

Add Google Video Partner’s Recommendation

Advertisers may now utilize the same targeting choices across video partners for their video ads since the editor now displays recommendations to add Google video partners.

Bid Explorer

The editor now displays a number of suggested bids for the Target CPA and Target ROAS bid strategies, along with the expected advancements for each choice.

Location Targeting

“Radius around location groups” and “radius around all locations in linked feed” are now available in the editor’s location targeting options. Those who are a specific distance from your place of business or other points of interest will see your adverts.

Discovery Ads and Campaigns with Product Feeds Support

Editor now offers product feed support for Discovery advertisements and campaigns. As you add product groups to your campaign, display your products in Discovery advertising.

Proper Pluralization in Messages

The proper pluralization has been changed in messages to support additional languages. For English, there are two plural forms available, and other languages can have up to six plural forms.


Editor 2.3 now offers more notification types. Users of editors will now be better informed about the status of their accounts and significant events that are taking place. Users can quickly address notifications where a problem can be fixed in the editor. Deep links will be supplied to the Google AdWords online page for notifications that demand a visit.

Deprecated Features

Top Content Bid Adjustment

The “top content bid adjustment” setting is no longer supported and it has been removed in Editor 2.3.

Create Dynamic Search Ads Recommendation

Editor version 2.3 no longer shows recommendations to create Dynamic Search Ads.

Read the Google announcement here

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