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Google Ads Policy Latest Update: Changes To Government Docs & Services

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The new advertising standards will not go into effect until May 24, giving Google more time to make any necessary revisions.

  • Google has delayed the implementation of its policy until May 24, 2023, giving marketers more time to modify their plans.
  • The revised policy eliminates Germany as a country-specific exception and includes a comprehensive list of categories that are in-scope.
  • In order to prevent warnings or account suspensions, advertisers must study the policy, verify compliance, and remove non-compliant advertising prior to the enforcement date.

On May 24, Google will implement changes to its Google AdWords Government Documents and Official Services policy.

Some of the Policy changes include the following:

  • A change to a comprehensive list of categories that fall inside the scope of the project
  • Changes to the list of approved providers

Keeping up with these policy modifications will help you maintain excellent account standing and prevent suspensions.

The changes indicated below should be noted and modified as necessary.

The Policy Update’s Major Changes

Date of Enforcement:

Google has pushed back the date of policy modifications’ enforcement from March 31, 2023, to May 24, 2023. The new rule will be followed everywhere, and it will take around six weeks to fully implement it.

Germany’s Status:

Previously, under “Public road access fees and passes,” Germany was classified as a region-specific exception. However, this exception is no longer valid. Advertisers marketing this category in Germany are required to be certified as a government or authorized supplier.

Category In-Scope:

A document or service is out of scope if it isn’t specified in the updated policy’s full list of in-scope categories. On an advertisements policy assistance page, the updated policy is available.

Business Identification:

Business Identification issued by the government will now be covered by the policy.

Government-authorized Providers:

Government-authorized providers will be accepted by Google, and the requirement for “delegated providers” will no longer apply. This indicates that the new policy will not repeat the current policy’s list of professional services that are not subject to restrictions.

Pilot Program For California Vehicle Registration:

In February 2023, Google began a pilot project for accredited California vehicle registration organizations. Advertisers allowed to conduct car registration on behalf of the state of California were allowed to run advertising marketing the services they were allowed to offer. The modifications to the enforcement start date have no impact on this pilot, which will continue.

Account Suspensions And Warnings

The modified policy will not automatically suspend your account without giving you a warning. Before suspending an account, Google will notify the user at least seven days in advance.

The policy update should be read by advertisers to ascertain whether the policy applies to their ads. If so, the impacted advertisements must be taken down by May 24, 2023.

To Sum Up

Advertisers who target particular regions and industries may be impacted by changes to Google AdWords’ policy regarding official documents and services.

By pushing back, the enforcement date to May 24, 2023, Google is giving advertisers more time to modify their advertising campaigns in accordance with the new rule.

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