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Google Explains Product Review Best Practices

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The most recent instructions from Google on how to write excellent and reliable reviews may be of interest to you if you are a blogger or content creator who writes product reviews.

Google has recently updated its Search Quality Raters Guidelines (SQRG) to include more details on what it considers to be good product reviews.

The key takeaways from Google’s SQRG are outlined in this post, along with some advice on how to write product reviews that are SEO-optimized and will perform well in Google search results.

What are Google’s Product Review Best Practices?

According to Google, product reviews should provide “insightful analysis and original research” that go beyond the basic information provided by the manufacturer or seller. Google wants to see product reviews that:

  • Explain how the product works and what features or benefits it offers
  • Compare the product with similar or competing products in the market
  • Provide personal opinions or experiences with the product, backed by evidence or data
  • Highlight the pros and cons of the product, as well as any potential issues or limitations
  • Provide useful information for potential buyers, such as price, availability, warranty, customer service, etc.

Google Also Advises Product Reviewers to Avoid

  • Writing generic or vague statements that do not add value or insight
  • Copying or paraphrasing content from other sources without attribution
  • Providing inaccurate or misleading information that can harm users or damage the reputation of the product or brand
  • Using excessive or unnatural keywords or links that can affect the readability or credibility of the review

How to Write SEO Optimized Product Reviews?

Writing SEO-optimized product reviews is advantageous for your website’s position and visibility in Google search results as well as for your readers. Here are some guidelines for creating Google-friendly product reviews that adhere to standard practices:

1. Conduct Adequate Research

Before you write your product review, make sure you have studied the product and its rivals in depth. To learn what people are looking for and what queries they have regarding the product, use tools like Google Trends, Keyword Planner, or SEMrush.

You can also read reviews from reliable sources to get a sense of what features customers find most significant or intriguing.

2. Choose A Catchy Title

Your title is the first thing that users and Google see when they encounter your product review. Therefore, you should make it catchy and informative, using keywords that describe the product and its main benefit or feature.

For instance, you could write “XYZ Product Review: How It Boosts Your Productivity and Saves You Time” instead of “Review of XYZ Product”.


3. Use Headings and Subheadings in Your Product Review

Headings and subheadings help you organize your content and make it easier for readers and Google to scan and understand your review.

You should use headings and subheadings to break down your review into sections, such as introduction, features, pros and cons, comparison, conclusion, etc.

You should also use keywords and variations in your headings and subheadings to signal what each section is about.

4. Write in A Clear and Engaging Tone

Your tone of voice can affect how your readers perceive your review and your credibility as a reviewer. You should write in a clear and engaging tone that matches your audience’s expectations and preferences. You should also avoid jargon, slang, or technical terms that might confuse your readers.

Instead, use simple and descriptive language that explains the product in a way that anyone can understand.

5. Provide Evidence and Examples

One of the key elements of a good product review is providing evidence and examples that support your claims and opinions.

You can demonstrate how the product functions and the outcomes it can provide using data, statistics, images, videos, customer testimonials, case studies, etc. Give credit where credit is due and cite your sources as well.

6. Be Honest and Balanced with Product Review

Another important element of a good product review is being honest and balanced in your evaluation of the product. You should not exaggerate or omit any facts or details that might affect your readers’ decision making.

You should also be aware of the product’s advantages and disadvantages, as well as any potential problems or constraints that users may run across.

There should be no outside influences on you, such as financial incentives, political allegiances, or personal preferences.

7. Include A Call to Action

The last part of your product review should include a call to action that encourages your readers to take the next step.

You can ask your readers to do a variety of things, depending on your objectives: purchase the product, visit the website, sign up for a trial, leave a remark, share your review, etc.

You should also provide a clear and visible link or button that directs your readers to where they can take action.


Writing SEO-optimized product reviews is a terrific approach to increase your website’s ranking and visibility in Google search results as well as to share your knowledge and thoughts with your audience.

By following Google’s product review best practices and the tips we have shared in this article, you can create high-quality and trustworthy product reviews that can attract and convert more users. Happy writing!

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