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Google Takes Action Against Products with Risk of Death

You might wish to pay attention to Google’s most recent policy update if you are an advertiser that advertises goods that can result in consumers’ serious harm or death.

Google recently stated that it will strengthen its advertising regulations and prohibit adverts for goods that pose a serious risk of death or serious physical harm.

On July 3, 2023, this change will take effect and apply to any advertisements made after that date.

What Products Are Affected?

Google’s updated Dangerous Products and Services Policy will cover ads for products that have a proven risk of causing death or severe harm, and that have a history of consumer advisories or product recalls.

Although Google did not publish a list of specific goods that will be prohibited by its new policy, the following are some potential examples:

E-Cigarettes and Vaping Devices

These devices have been subject to prohibitions and warnings in a number of nations due to their connection to lung damage and fatalities.

Dietary Supplements

Some supplements may contain harmful ingredients or make false or misleading claims about their benefits. The FDA has issued warnings and recalls for many supplements that pose health risks.

Prescription Pills

Some prescription meds may interact negatively with other medications or have major side effects. The FDA has also warned about counterfeit or unapproved drugs sold online.

Weapons And Explosives

These products are obviously dangerous and can cause harm or death to the user or others. Google already prohibits ads for firearms, ammunition, and other weapons, but this policy update may extend to other types of explosives or devices.

Why Is Google Doing This?

Google takes action against ads for products with a risk of death results from its commitment to promoting a safe and trustworthy online experience for users. The action is consistent with Google’s principles of accountability, openness, and innovation.

The following are the justifications behind Google’s selection:


To Safeguard Customers from Harm

Google aims to prevent users from being exposed to advertisements for goods that represent a risk to their health and safety. Google is limiting the exposure of consumers to dangerous products by restricting the advertising of goods that carry a risk of death or significant harm.

To Comply with Laws and Regulations

Google wants to adhere to the laws and regulations of the countries where it operates. By restricting ads for products that have been banned or recalled by authorities, Google is avoiding legal troubles and respecting the local norms.

To Maintain Its Reputation and Credibility

Google wants to preserve its reputation and credibility as a reliable and ethical platform. By cracking down on ads for products that can harm or kill consumers, Google is demonstrating its social responsibility and values.

What Should Advertisers Do?

The following actions should be taken by advertisers that are impacted by this policy update:

Check Your Advertisements for Compliance

Check your ads to make sure they don’t contravene the revised rules. Any advertisements for goods that carry a risk of death or serious injury and have a track record of consumer advisories or product recalls should be taken down.

likewise, you should ensure that the websites and landing pages linked to your ads are free of any illegal material.


Be Prepared for Warnings and Penalties

If you violate the updated policy, Google will not immediately suspend your account. Instead, you will be informed of the impending action at least seven days in advance. 

A warning period allows you to review your ads and make sure they comply with the policy. Use this time to review your ads and remove those that are in violation of the policy before July 3, 2023, to avoid penalties.

Stay Updated On Policy Changes

Google may update its policy from time to time to reflect new developments or feedback. You should stay updated on any policy changes by visiting the Google Ads Help Center or subscribing to the Google Ads newsletter.


For responsible advertising and consumer protection, Google’s change to its dangerous products and services policy is crucial. Ads for items with a history of consumer advisories or product recalls.

As well as those that pose an immediate danger of death or serious harm, are now covered by the policy.

Before July 3, 2023, advertisers must assess their advertising and remove any ads that are in violation of the policy to avoid penalties.

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