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Google’s October 2023 Core Updates Are Now Available

What is a Google Core Update?

Google has announced the release of their latest core algorithm update, informally named the October 2023 Core Update. As a fellow SEO nerd, I wanted to break down what we can expect from this latest update that will slowly roll out over the next couple weeks.

If you’re not familiar, core updates are when Google makes significant changes to the main search engine formula that determines ranking on their results pages. Google does these core updates a few times per year to clean up issues and reward websites doing a stellar job providing content.

The goal is to get better at showing searchers the most authoritative and relevant information for their queries. So in theory, core updates are a good thing! But they also shuffle up the rankings, so they can impact organic traffic.

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What’s Changing in This Update?
How to Prepare Your Site?
Focus on the User

What’s Changing in This Update?

Now what exactly is changing with this latest October 2023 update? Well Google didn’t specify – they like to keep us all on our toes! But based on past core updates, I expect there are tweaks happening related to overall content quality, user experience, page authority, and how well pages satisfy searcher intent.

Google wants to bump up sites doing an awesome job creating content chock full of useful information and answering people’s actual questions. And they’ll probably push down low-quality pages with thin or unhelpful content.

How to Prepare Your Site?

So what should you do to prepare for this October 2023 update? Make sure your site is laser-focused on offering an incredible user experience from start to finish. That means fast load times, simple and intuitive navigation, useful and detailed information – basically wowing your visitors.

Also aim to produce high-quality content that really meets the searcher’s needs and answers their questions better than any other site. And as always, keep building natural links and authority indicators that reinforce your site as a trusted resource on your topics.

It’s also smart to check your site’s performance in Google Search Console for any major warnings or issues to tackle. But otherwise, try to be patient as you monitor rankings over the next couple weeks. Core updates take time to fully roll out. Don’t panic and overreact – stick to the basics of creating awesome content.

Focus on the User

At the end of the day, Google’s core updates are about rewarding websites who go above and beyond to actually help searchers, not just chasing algorithms. So focus on improving overall quality, value and experience. That’s what the humans want! If some rankings shuffle with this October update, don’t sweat it and keep optimizing for actual searchers.

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