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Instagram Shares Three Important Priorities for 2023

In a recent blog post, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri outlined the app’s three key priorities for 2023.

Who is Adam Mosseri?

Adam Mosseri is the CEO of Instagram. He has been with the company since 2012, and he has held a variety of positions, including head of product and vice president of product. Mosseri is a graduate of Stanford University and Harvard Business School.

Instagram’s New Priorities

Instagram’s new priorities are a significant departure from the app’s previous focus on video. In recent years, Instagram has been criticized for copying features from TikTok, and for becoming too focused on short-form video. With its new priorities, Instagram is looking to return to its roots as a platform for creativity and connection. Here are the new updates.

Inspiring Creativity

One of Instagram’s key priorities in 2023 is to inspire creativity. This will involve things like adding new tools and features that make it easier for people to be creative, as well as highlighting the work of creative users.

For example, Instagram recently launched a new feature called Reels Templates, which allows users to create Reels using pre-made templates. Instagram is also planning to add new editing tools and filters that will make it easier for people to create unique and visually appealing content.

Discovering New Things

Another key priority for Instagram in 2023 is to help people discover new things they love. This will be containing content like recommending new accounts to follow, surfacing new content, and making it easier to find relevant hashtags.

Instagram is already doing a lot of this work, but it plans to continue to improve its recommendations and discovery features in the coming year.

Sparking Connections

Finally, Instagram also wants to help people connect with the people and things they care about. This will comprise things like improving the app’s messaging features, making it easier to find and join groups, and supporting live events.

Instagram is already a great platform for connecting with friends and family, but it plans to make it even easier for people to connect with others who share their interests.

Are Creators Happy with Instagram’s New Priorities ?

Not all creators are happy with Instagram’s current state. Some creators have complained that the app is becoming too cluttered with ads, and that it is difficult to get their content seen by a large audience. Others have complained that Instagram is not doing enough to support creators financially.

Despite these complaints, there are still many creators who are happy with Instagram. They appreciate the platform’s reach and its ability to connect them with a large audience. They also appreciate the app’s creative tools and features.

Overall, Instagram’s new priorities are a positive step for the platform. They signal a return to Instagram’s roots as a platform for creativity and connection. It will be interesting to see how these priorities play out in the coming year.

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