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Link Building & Content Marketing Strategies to Improve Important Product Page Rankings

Driving Product Page Rankings with Strategic Link Building and Content Marketing

Ranking high in search engines for core product and service pages is critical for lead generation and ecommerce sales. But with so much competition and frequent algorithm updates, it can be a struggle to reach those top spots. The key is using targeted link building and content marketing tactics to elevate important product pages in SERPs.


Pick the Most Important Product Pages
Secure Links from Relevant Industry Sites
Leverage Your Competitors’ Link Profiles
Create On-Site Content Around Your Products
Refresh and Update Older Content
Track Product Page Results

Pick the Most Important Product Pages

With limited time and resources, you can’t optimize every product page on your site. Instead, narrow your focus to just 3-5 of the most important ones that generate significant revenue. These are typically:

  • Main category pages – The entry page for a group of products, like “Mountain Bikes” for an outdoor retailer. This page draws heavy search volume around the category.
  • Popular models and SKUs – Specific product pages around best-selling items or lead magnets, such as the latest iPhone model.
  • Lead generation pages – Landing pages designed specifically to convert visitors into sales leads.

Drive links and content to move the needle for just these key pages. Spreading efforts too thin dilutes the benefits. Doubling down on prime targets earns the rankings that matter most.

One of the best ways to build authoritative backlinks to product pages is by contributing guest posts to topically relevant sites. Make a list of blogs, magazines, directories and resources that align with your products and industry.

For example, a craft supplies e-commerce site would pitch posts to crafting blogs, DIY magazines, Etsy seller resources, and more. Don’t spam requests. Nurture relationships with these sites by engaging in their content and building connections with the editors and writers.

Pitch well-written guest posts that provide unique value for their audience. Make sure to subtly link back to your key product pages where relevant. If you secure a post on a ceramic supplies magazine site, link to your ceramic product page.

Use Help a Reporter Out (HARO) to respond to media queries in your industry. If you provide useful insights, reporters may include your comments along with a backlink in published articles.

Conduct an analysis of your top competitor’s backlink profiles using tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, or Majestic. Identify the domains they have high-value links from, especially within your shared niche.

See if you can uncover opportunities to earn links from the same pages and domains driving authority for competitors. Produce resources these sites would find valuable and build relationships with the website owners.

While you don’t want duplicate content, you can still produce something distinct yet compelling for the same audience, earning powerful backlinks to your product pages in the process.

Create On-Site Content Around Your Products

Optimizing existing product pages with better SEO is only part of the battle. You should also develop fresh on-site content that targets informational keywords and buyer questions about your products.

For a bike brand, create guides like “How to Choose the Right Mountain Bike” or “8 Upgrades for Your Entry-Level Road Bike.” Make sure to link these new articles to the related product pages so they pass relevance and authority.

Conduct keyword research around your products to identify high-volume topics to cover. Create detailed reviews and comparisons of your products versus competitors. The more quality content you produce; the more internal links you can pass to priority product pages.

Refresh and Update Older Content

Over time, content can become outdated and less useful for ranking well. Set aside time to audit your existing blog posts and articles. Identify ones that could benefit from a refresh with new stats, recommendations, and examples.

For instance, you could update an old “Beginner’s Guide to Mountain Biking” with info on new bike technologies, additional safety gear tips, and recently opened trails. Then re-promote this refreshed evergreen content across marketing channels.

This helps reduce content decay, keeps pages relevant in SERPs, and allows you to link back to key product pages from updated materials.

Track Product Page Results

It’s critical to monitor key metrics around your targeted product pages to assess the impact of your optimization and linking efforts. Set up tracking in Google Analytics to monitor:

  • Product page rankings over time for priority keywords
  • Organic traffic and landing page views
  • Conversions from ranked product pages (phone calls, emails, purchases)
  • Assisted conversions that occurred later in the funnel

Pull this data on a regular basis to quantify increases in visibility, traffic, and revenue from improved rankings. Tweak your link building and content approaches based on what moves the needle most over time.

Consistency and persistence are key in ranking product pages. But with the right targeting and promotion, you can drive steady improvements in visibility and conversions. Focus on providing genuine value to both publishers and searchers, and your important pages will ascend in the SERPs.

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