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LinkedIn Launches Messaging Inbox for Company Pages

LinkedIn has rolled out a new messaging inbox feature for Company Pages, allowing businesses to privately connect with prospects and customers directly on the platform.

The inbox integration on LinkedIn Pages provides an easy way for brands to field prospect inquiries, respond to support queries, and establish one-on-one conversations – all without leaving LinkedIn.

For businesses struggling to engage audiences in an increasingly private digital sphere, this launch promises to revolutionize messaging and interactions on the world’s largest professional social network.

Using Direct Messaging to Improve Connection

The ability to directly message companies is part of LinkedIn’s steady evolution beyond just broadcasting content to enabling more intimate engagement.

With messaging now embedded seamlessly into Company Pages, prospects can privately send inquiries at the click of a button knowing businesses can respond promptly.

This allows for more personalized, conversational interactions that build trust and rapport. Prospects feel their specific questions are being answered instead of leaving comments that may get lost in the public feed.

For businesses, centralizing messages on LinkedIn eliminates frustrating back-and-forth email chains and simplifies managing customer communication. Sales and support teams can collaborate and track query resolution in one place.

With engagement increasingly happening in private messaging apps, the inbox also helps brands meet audiences where they already are. No need to divert conversations to separate platforms.

Additionally, messaging creates a direct pipeline for generating and qualifying leads right on LinkedIn without being intrusive. Overall, it enables more productive engagement anchored on business relationships rather than transient social media posts.

LinkedIn’s Advice for Businesses to Change Their Priorities

LinkedIn’s product lead for Company Pages, Connor Blakley, explained how the messaging feature helps businesses adapt to changing digital priorities:

“Gone are the days when broadcasting your ideas and insights was enough to grow your business. Now it’s critical for every company to use their Company Page as a venue for meaningful conversations and relationships.”

Blakley notes how prospects today expect personalized, private conversations as part of their business interactions.

In this climate, the LinkedIn inbox provides a natural space for businesses to foster one-on-one relationships at scale. No more noisy comment threads that fail to resolve customer issues promptly and privately.

As Blakley summarized, messaging on Pages lets brands “meet their customers where they are, and message them in a place they already feel at home: their LinkedIn inbox.”

For businesses struggling to cut through the chatter and connect authentically amidst social media noise, this direct messaging capability unlocks new relationship-building potential.

Effective Brand-Consumer Interaction Taken One Step Further

The introduction of native messaging on Company Pages signals LinkedIn’s commitment to enabling more effective brand-to-consumer interactions.

For a historically business-focused platform gaining serious momentum among B2C marketers, improving branded messaging and engagement has become critical.

Previously, brands could only message LinkedIn users who were existing connections. But now the inbox opens interaction with anyone following their Company Page.

This transforms opportunities to qualify prospects, address concerns, provide personalized support, and humanize the business behind the brand.

Companies like Adidas, HP, and Oracle are already using LinkedIn messaging in creative ways:

  • Adidas responds to sneaker launch queries and provides exclusive style previews
  • HP answers technical support questions and shares troubleshooting tips
  • Oracle sends thought leadership content to interested decision-makers

As adoption accelerates, expect brands to develop messaging into a core pillar of their LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Opportunities Abound for Businesses Willing to Trailblaze

For brands used to just blasting content, embracing intimate messaging requires a mindset shift. But those willing to trailblaze this new engagement channel stands to gain an advantage.

Messaging opens avenues for businesses to:

  • Provide personalized support and build relationships
  • Share exclusive content with warm prospects
  • Drive event registrations and webinar signups
  • Qualify inbound sales inquiries with fast responses
  • Gather feedback and conduct market research
  • Automate lead gen with chatbots

Currently, LinkedIn messaging remains somewhat underutilized by brands focused solely on content distribution – but not for long.

As Michael Rodriguez, VP of product marketing at LinkedIn, put it:

“Brands are leaving an opportunity on the table if they aren’t thinking about how to effectively incorporate messaging into their marketing and consumer engagement strategies.”

The brands that jump on messaging early have a chance to define best practices and outpace competitors still reluctant to try “social selling” via direct outreach.

Businesses Must Balance Value and Volume

To avoid turnoffs like spammy cold outreach, striking the right balance between high-value and high-volume messaging will be key.

Over eagerness could easily backfire and damage brand reputation. But timely responses to inbound inquiries and offers aligned to prospect needs can generate incredible returns.

Companies will need to walk the fine line between proactive prospecting and coming off as intrusive.

With LinkedIn’s focus on professional context, the messaging experience is already better positioned to avoid some of the brand-safety pitfalls present on other messaging platforms.

But restraint and relevance will still be imperative as brands adapt to initiating rather than just reacting to conversations.

Preparing Teams for Messenger Marketing

For customer-facing teams used to reactive email and social media engagement, shifting to proactive messaging outreach will require planning.

Thought must be given to team structures, workflows, automation, compliance, messaging content and tone.

Many brands will need to assemble dedicated messaging teams, combining social media managers, sales development reps, and customer support agents.

Training will focus on conveying brand voice in shorter-form messaging, while avoiding overt selling and spam tactics.

With messaging already pervasive across websites, apps, and other channels, integrating LinkedIn messaging is the natural next step for creating Omni-channel customer journeys.

But brands must ensure the capabilities are not siloed and provide integrated data insights.

Eventually, AI could help scale personalized messaging at lower cost across channels. But human oversight will be critical, at least initially, as brands master messenger marketing.


The launch of LinkedIn’s messaging inbox represents a major evolution in how brands can engage audiences and prospects on the platform. For businesses willing to rethink their social media playbook, huge opportunities await to connect in new ways.

But messaging also requires a more personalized, human touch compared to broadcast content distribution. Brands will need to balance value, volume, and tone carefully to avoid missteps.

As Rodriguez emphasized:

“The brands that are able to strike that balance between value and volume and human versus automated interactions are the ones that are going to win in this new era of messaging.”

With this first-mover advantage still up for grabs, the time is now for brands to explore integrating messaging into their LinkedIn strategy and unlock new customer value.

The social media landscape continues to shift towards private spaces. For professional platforms like LinkedIn lagging in messaging, big moves were needed to help brands realign.

With its new inbox feature, LinkedIn has signaled messaging is core to its future. The winners will be the brands that embrace messaging to transform stagnant broadcasting into intimate conversations. The potential is vast for those willing to humanize their outreach at scale.

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