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Meta Verified Testing to Assist Creators in Establishing Their Presence

Meta (formerly Facebook) has introduced an innovative new verification system called Meta Verified to authenticate the identity of content creators on its platforms. Obtaining the coveted blue badge provides creators with enhanced visibility and trust.

In this guide, discover everything about Meta Verification including:

Table of Contents

What exactly is Meta Verified?
Who is eligible for Meta Verification?
The Beneficial Effects of Getting Meta Verified
In 5 stages, learn how to obtain Meta Verified.
FAQs Verified by Meta

What exactly is Meta Verified?

Meta Verified is the official blue badge identity confirmation program introduced by Meta Platforms (the parent company of Facebook, Instagram etc.) to authenticate the real-world identity of notable public figures, organizations, brands, media publishers and other entities on its social apps.

It aims to assist prominent personalities and organizations in establishing presence, improving visibility, and building trustworthiness on Meta’s family of services. Accounts that obtain Meta Verified status are conferred the prestigious blue verification badge on their profile and the “verified” title that indicates Meta has confirmed the legitimacy and notability of that account owner.

This powers a verified ecosystem where users can easily identify authentic voices and influencers versus impersonated accounts or fakes. Meta Verified badges are Meta’s counterpart to the blue checkmarks used on other social networks like Twitter and YouTube to verify high-profile individuals.

Who is eligible for Meta Verification?

Meta has established some broad eligibility criteria for Meta Verified status across various account categories:

  • Public figures – This includes government officials, politicians, religious leaders, celebrities, athletes, journalists, spokespeople, and other prominent personalities with sizeable public awareness.
  • Brands and organizations – Businesses, non-profits, publishers, educational institutes, local entities, and other professional organizations with an established public presence may qualify.
  • News organizations and publishers – News websites, magazines, newspapers, broadcasters, radio stations and other bonafide news media outlets can apply for verification.
  • Entertainment – This encompasses musicians, actors, comedians, creators, influencers and other public entertainers or artists with strong audience awareness.

Eligible applicants must demonstrate authenticity, prominence to the public, an expansive reach through the Meta platforms, and have an active presence regularly posting content. Meeting the verification eligibility threshold requires having a substantial public profile.

The Beneficial Effects of Getting Meta Verified

Obtaining Meta Verified status and the coveted blue badge on Instagram or Facebook can deliver significant benefits to eligible public figures, brands, media outlets and creators. Some of the key advantages include:

  • Increased visibility and reach – Verified accounts stand out and gain more impressions.
  • Building trust and credibility – The blue badge signals a legitimate voice that users can trust.
  • Brand protection – Verification prevents impersonation and fake accounts.
  • Unlocking exclusive features – Like profile badges, growth insights etc.
  • Higher distribution and impressions – Verified accounts get boosted in recommendations.
  • Prestige and reputation – Verification reinforces notability as an influencer.

For creators and brands building their audiences on social media, getting verified can be extremely transformative in growing their presence by positioning them as trusted entities that the algorithm amplifies over non-verified accounts.

In 5 Stages, Learn How to Obtain Meta Verified

The step-by-step process to get verified on Meta platforms is:

Ensure your account meets the eligibility criteria for verification.
Locate and initiate the verification request from within the Instagram or Facebook app settings.
Provide detailed information and documents confirming your identity.
Submit application and wait for Meta to thoroughly review it.
If approved after assessment, your account will be granted verified status.

This process can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months based on application volumes.

FAQs on Meta Verification

Q. How long does the verification process take?

The review process usually takes weeks to months depending on queues. Be Patient.

Q. Can verification be revoked by Meta?

Yes, Meta can revoke badges if accounts violate policies or no longer meet criteria.

Q. Is there any way to expedite verification?

Unfortunately, there is no fast track. All applications go through the same queues.

Q. Can verified badges be customized or styled differently?

No, the blue verified badges have a standardized appearance across Meta.

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