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Threads: A New Text-Based App by Instagram

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Instagram, one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, has introduced a new text-based app called Threads. This innovative application aims to enhance communication and connection among users through messaging and sharing updates with close friends.

In this article, we will delve into the features, benefits, and impact of Threads, as well as explore how it has revolutionized the way people interact on Instagram.

Table of Contents

The Birth of Threads
Key Features
How to Create an Account on This App?
Privacy and Security
Integration with Instagram
How Can You use Threads to Communicate with your close Friends and Family?
Threads and Personal Branding
Impact on User Engagement
Threads vs. Other Messaging Apps
What are some of the features and limitations of Threads?
The Future of Threads

The Birth of Threads

Threads app is a new social media platform that allows users to create and join online communities based on their interests, hobbies, passions, and goals. Threads app was born out of the frustration of its founders, who felt that existing social media platforms were too noisy, distracting, and superficial.

They wanted to create a space where people could have meaningful conversations, share their stories, and support each other in their pursuits.

The idea of Threads app came to life in 2022, when the founders participated in a hackathon organized by Microsoft. They were inspired by the concept of threads, which are a way of organizing messages into a coherent topic or theme.

They decided to build an app that would let users create their own threads, invite others to join them, and follow the threads that interest them they also added features such as polls, quizzes, events, and rewards to make the app more engaging and fun.

The hackathon judges were impressed by the app and awarded it the first prize. The founders then decided to pursue the project further and launched a beta version of the app in 2023.

The app quickly gained popularity among users who were looking for a more authentic and meaningful way of connecting with others online. Threads app now has over 10 million users and is growing rapidly.

The app’s mission is to empower people to discover and pursue their passions, learn from each other, and build communities that matter.

Key Features

Simplified Interface

Threads boasts a minimalist and user-friendly interface, allowing users to navigate effortlessly and focus on meaningful conversations. The app’s simplicity ensures that messaging remains the primary focus, enabling seamless communication with close friends.

Status Updates

A unique aspect of Threads is its integration with Instagram’s “Close Friends” feature. Users can share status updates in the form of photos, videos, and text exclusively with their selected close friends. This provides a more intimate space for sharing updates without broadcasting them to a wider audience.


Customizable Close Friends List

Threads allows users to curate their own list of close friends, ensuring that they can communicate and share updates exclusively with a select group. This level of personalization ensures that users can maintain privacy while engaging with those closest to them.


Auto-Status is a feature that allows users to share their current status automatically with their close friends. By leveraging location, battery level, and other context clues, Threads enables users to provide their friends with real-time updates on their activities, creating a sense of connection even when not actively messaging.

Messaging with Close Friends

Threads provides a convenient and secure messaging platform for one-on-one conversations and group chats with close friends. Users can send text messages, photos, videos, and even disappearing messages, fostering more intimate and private communication.

How to Create an Account on This App?

Creating an account on Threads is easy. All you need is an Instagram account. You can download Threads from the App Store for iPhone or from Google Play for Android devices (coming soon). Once you install the app, you can log in using your Instagram account.

Your Instagram username and verification will carry over, with the option to customize your profile specifically for Threads. Everyone who is under 16 (or under 18 in certain countries) will be defaulted into a private profile when they join Threads.

You can choose to follow the same accounts you do on Instagram, and find more people who share your interests.

Privacy and Security

Instagram has prioritized privacy and security in the development of Threads. The app employs end-to-end encryption, ensuring that messages and shared content remain confidential.

Moreover, Threads offers granular control over privacy settings, allowing users to customize who can see their status updates and who can message them.

Integration with Instagram

Threads is deeply integrated with Instagram, as it serves as an extension of the platform’s existing features. Users can seamlessly switch between the two apps, maintaining a consistent experience.

This integration enables individuals to switch from public-facing content on Instagram to more private conversations within Threads, providing a comprehensive social media experience.

How Can You use Threads to Communicate with your close Friends and Family?

Threads is a great app for communicating with your close friends and family in a more private and personal way. You can use Threads to:

  • Share your daily moments and feelings with your close friends using photos, videos, stories, and status updates.
  • Express yourself creatively with stickers, filters, text, and drawings on your photos and videos.
  • Have fun and playful conversations with your close friends using emojis, voice notes, and reactions.
  • Stay updated on your close friends’ lives by seeing their status and activity on the app.
  • Customize your app with different themes and shortcuts for your close friends.

Threads is a new way to stay in touch with your close friends on Instagram. If you are looking for a more intimate and personal way to communicate with your close friends, you might want to give Threads a try. You can download Threads from the App Store or Google Play Store today.


Threads and Personal Branding

For individuals who maintain personal brands or have a significant following on Instagram, Threads offers a valuable tool for engaging with close followers and fostering stronger connections.

By sharing exclusive updates and messages with their close friends, influencers and creators can provide a more intimate and personalized experience to their most loyal supporters.

Impact on User Engagement

Threads has had a significant impact on user engagement within the Instagram community. By focusing on close friends and private conversations, the app has encouraged more authentic interactions.

Users have reported feeling a stronger sense of connection and intimacy with their close friends, leading to increased engagement and a deeper level of conversation.

Threads vs. Other Messaging Apps

First, Threads only works with your close friends list on Instagram, which means you can only communicate with the people you have ad as your close friends on Instagram. You can’t send messages to anyone else on Threads, nor can you receive messages from anyone who is not on your close friends list.

Second, Threads has a feature called Auto Status, which automatically updates your status based on your location, movement, battery level, and network connection.

You can choose to turn this feature on or off, or customize it to show only certain types of status updates.

Third, Threads has a camera-first interface, which means you can easily take photos and videos and send them to your close friends with just a few taps.

You can also add stickers, filters, text, and drawings to your photos and videos before sending them.ds is different from other text-based apps in several ways.

What are Some of the Features and Limitations of Threads?

Threads has some features that make it fun and convenient to use, but it also has some limitations that you should be aware of. Some of the features of Threads are:

  • You can create custom shortcuts for your close friends on the app, which lets you send them photos or videos with just one tap.
  • You can watch stories from your close friends on Threads, without opening Instagram.
  • You can mute notifications from specific close friends or from all of them at once.
  • You can archive your messages on Threads, which means they will be hidden from your inbox but not deleted.
  • You can delete your messages on Threads, which means they will be removed from both your inbox and your close friend’s inbox.

Some of the limitations of Threads are:

  • You can’t send messages to groups on Threads, only to individual close friends.
  • You can’t make voice or video calls on Threads, only send voice notes.
  • You can’t forward messages or media from Threads to other apps or platforms.
  • You can’t edit or unsend messages on Threads after sending them.
  • You can’t block or report users on Threads, only remove them from your close friends list.

The Future of Threads

As Threads continues to evolve, it is expected to introduce new features and enhancements that further enhance the user experience. Instagram is committed to refining the app based on user feedback and needs.

With the growing demand for more personalized and private communication, Threads is poised to become an integral part of Instagram’s ecosystem.


Threads has brought a fresh approach to communication on Instagram, enabling users to connect more intimately with their close friends.

By providing a dedicated space for private conversations and exclusive updates, Threads offers a unique experience within the social media landscape.

With its emphasis on privacy, personalization, and seamless integration, Threads has revolutionized the way people interact and engage on Instagram.


Q. What is Threads?

Threads is a text-based app developed by Instagram that focuses on private messaging and sharing updates exclusively with close friends.

Q. Can anyone use Threads, or is it exclusively for Instagram users?

Threads is an app designed specifically for Instagram users. It leverages the existing Instagram user base to provide a more intimate messaging experience.

Q. How does Threads prioritize privacy?

Threads employs end-to-end encryption to ensure that messages and shared content remain confidential. Users also have granular control over privacy settings, determining who can see their status updates and who can message them.

Q. Can I use Threads to message people who are not on my close friends list?

Threads primarily focuses on messaging with close friends. While it allows one-on-one conversations, its main purpose is to foster more intimate and private communication within a select group.

Q. Will Threads eventually replace direct messaging on Instagram?

Threads serves as an extension of Instagram’s existing features rather than a replacement for direct messaging. It provides a complementary experience that caters to the needs of users who value close connections and private conversations.

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